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  • Learn how to make money on the stock market! This month only - 50% off.
  • Limited time offers upgrades to trade for only €500.
  • Claim your special offer - €500 off your plan.

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Live trading sessions are a key component of learning how to trade successfully. You will experience the whole process and methodology of trading by taking real positions in the market. Through this experience, you will learn how to become a successful trader. You will gain valuable insights into how professional traders approach the market and have the opportunity to ask detailed questions in a live environment.

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When you enrol in any of our courses, you can be assured you will receive the best training available from instructors who are well experienced in the financial world.
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Our students must receive the best educational materials and recommendations to integrate into trading successfully. This is our primary goal. Everything we do is geared towards the success of our students, whether it's providing professional advice based on personal experience or up-to-date professional information.
What is the duration of the courses?
Each course has a different number of lessons depending on the level. Also, you can always stop and watch the lesson again and take a test if you need to, so the course duration is individual for each student.
Can I get an answer if I have questions?
Absolutely yes! Our team is available all the time to help you develop and improve in the world of trading.
Can I arrange my weekly schedule?
Sure! All lessons are available 24/7 during your membership period.
How long are purchased courses available?
12 months.



Junita Mushenko


Excellent trading education course. The teacher constructively explained each topic, the website is simple to navigate, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about trading.

Losis Dcosta


Thank you so much to Aaron and the rest of the team for providing me with one of the best levels of support I’ve ever had. It’s a fantastic place to learn and grow as a trader. In terms of instruction, they are up to date and inventive.

Mahadi Mansura


I’ve only been with Wellari for a short time, but I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my trading and have learned a lot. Their education and training are of the highest quality.

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Basic Technical analysis eBook

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Shares of Tesla skyrocketed 3.5% in the last session.

Tesla’s stock exploded 3.5% in the last session. The Ultimate Oscillator is giving a negative signal.
The Ultimate Oscillator is currently in negative territory.

Support: 950.3221           Resist: 1039.506


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Amazon The last session saw Amazon’s stock drop 1.5%.

The last session saw Amazon shares drop 1.5%. The MACD is giving a negative signal.

The MACD is currently in the negative zone.

Support: 2945.94                    Resist: 3202.94



XAU/USD rose 0.8% in the last session.

The Gold-Dollar pair rose 0.8% in the last session after gaining as much as 1.3% during the session. The Stochastic-RSI indicates an overbought market.
The Stochastic-RSI is signalling an overbought market.

Support: 1924.9341      Resist:  1983.6541

Market Analysis eBook

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WTI/USD rose 0.8% in the last session.

The last session saw the Oil gain 0.8% against the Dollar. The Stochastic indicator is giving a negative signal.

The Stochastic indicator is giving a negative signal.

Support: 92.3167                   Resist: 102.2967

The trading market

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The trading market

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What is the turnover of the Foreign Exchange Market?

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The Foreign Exchange Market is mainly influenced by:

3 / 5

What is the percentage of speculators on the Foreign Exchange Market?

4 / 5

When the Euro's rate in London is 1.2000, what is the Euro's rate in Australia?

5 / 5

How much significant data is there on the Foreign Exchange Market during the course of a month?

Your score is

Terms eBook

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The World of Global Trading eBook

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Trading Psychology eBook

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Capital Management eBook

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